I’m just looking for reassurance and possible suggestions!

Last weekend, we took my 17 month old paci away cold turkey! For the most part, the transition went smoothly! She only got it at nap and bed times to begin with. However, ever since then (well possibly ever since the time change) she’s been waking early from naps/and in the morning. When she had the paci, we would give it to her when she woke early and it would often help her fall back asleep.

She has “two” schedules...it depends on if she has pre-school it not (I teach and she gets to go as well). What I’m finding is that no matter what schedule she is on, her amount of sleeping hours tends to always stay between 12-14 hours out of 24.
She’s a happy girl most of the time (we have entered some tantruming but nothing terrible) and she is definitely an early to bedtime child.
Thoughts??? Here are her 2 schedules:

Schedule without pre-school:
5:00-awake, typically plays in crib until 5:45 (we have a hope she may go back to sleep bc she isn’t fussing but it has only happened a few times and for only another 15-20 min)
5:45-6:30 (unless we discover a dirty diaper which has been happening a lot!!!) we let her watch nursery rhyme video on tablet (not ideal but I need time to get going for the day 🙈 )
6:30-up for day
9:00-10:15ish- morning nap
2:00-3:15ish afternoon nap (I think she could stay up longer here and try for a later bedtime????)
6:45/7-in bed for night

Schedule with preschool:
Everything in the morning is the same until morning nap
1:00-2:30 (she very rarely will take a longer nap even if she misses her morning nap)
6:15 bath time
6:45 bedtime

Because she will fall asleep within 15 min (at the most) at all naps, I feel she still needs them (especially 2 when she can).

She does sleep all night with the occasional outcry but it lasts 20 seconds and will usually just roll over and go back to sleep.

Thanks all!!