We are trying to transition my 7-mo old from sleeping in the rock and play to sleeping in the crib. We've been trying all week for naps (he cries the full hour Weissbluth says to allow, but has twice fallen asleep, once at 55 minutes and once at 62 (whoops). We decided yesterday to totally take away the RNP and try at night... After 2 hours of crying he passed out and slept pretty well until 8 am.

I'm just really struggling with the napping issue... If I limit it to 60 minutes of crying, he doesn't fall asleep, which just means he gets more and more delirious as the day goes on. (Weissbluth says if he cries the whole nap to keep him up until his next nap time... But that has always been determined by when he woke up from his last nap, so I've just been letting him play until he starts to get really fussy, and then try for another nap.).

I know this is a limited time period of training, and it will hopefully go faster now that we got rid of the RNP entirely, but it's just really hard. Does anyone have any advice for sleep training? Would you just keep going for a few more days and reassess? Let him go for as long as it takes for naps?

He's outgrowing the RNP and it just isn't an option anymore. Sigh...