Just wondering if anyone had experience with sleep training or night weaning while co-sleeping/bed sharing?

Simon has been sleeping with us since 3.5 months, when he decided to stop sleeping for more than 30 minutes at a time (he's 11 months now). It's a pretty great system for us, and has been totally the right thing. But he still wakes up several times a night (1-2 if all is well, up to every hour or so if not) and often can only fall back to sleep with the help of a boob.

Recently, though, he's started showing signs of being ready to fall asleep on his own, particularly for the night wakings. We really want to encourage this, but none of the typical sleep training procedures deal with a co-sleeping or bed sharing situation. Sometimes I think it must be impossible, but then I figure that folks who co-sleep for 4 or 5 years must have figured out how to night wean somehow.

Help me, Hellobee! Who's got experience with this?