Hi everyone!

Well, I was so nervous to start sleeping training my 5mo and I finally worked up the guts to do it! I decided to go ahead with it when one night we discovered he can put himself to sleep. He fell asleep on his own crying (for 5-10min) one evening in the living room when I was showering and DH was doing laundry. He would always fall asleep nursing.

I started sleep training three nights ago. The first night I stayed with him and patted his back once in a while. He cried for 20mins then fell asleep. The second night he cried for not even thirty seconds and tonight he went down with a simple fuss for a few seconds and fell asleep!!! I feed him before he sleeps but he does go down awake bc I wake him up after he eats and he always wakes up when I put him down too. I might try feeding him a bit earlier to see if things still go well.

We are still cosleeping but I plan to gradually move him to his crib. I’m just happy he seems to be learning this so quickly! He’s still getting up twice a night to eat so I still nurse him at night.

Is there anything I should be doing differently aside from putting him in his crib? Or does this sound like progress re: sleep training him?