Does anyone have any experience with sleep training while they are sharing a room with their baby? My DD is just shy of 7 months old, and has been an Arm's Reach cosleeper attached to our bed for most of her life.

We've finally reached the point where I think it's time to move to her crib. Due to the layout of our condo, her nursery is in the master bedroom with us (though it is a large room; I cannot see her in the crib from my bed). I've been dreading moving her to the crib, but for the past week or so my excellent sleeper has been waking up every hour or so after 2am. The only thing that prevents the wake ups is moving her into bed with us, and I'm honestly just not comfortable doing so as my husband (a SAHD) is a very heavy sleeper.

I've seen lots of posts on how to sleep train when the babies are in their own room, but does anyone have any experience training when they're in the same room? Probably important to note that she's still swaddled at night (despite my best efforts to train away from it).