my mom, who lives with my sister and her family, asked if my LO (4) could stay over a few nights this week. My sister had two LOs of her own, the oldest is the same age as mine and they're good friends. Everyone was in agreement. The plan was to drop my LO off today after work.

Today my sister texted me to say that both she and my mom are working tonight and so her husband would be taking care of the girls. I'm not a big fan of him. So I called to tell my sister that I'll bring my girl over tomorrow morning. She asked if I didn't trust her husband. I said, very honestly that I was sure he wouldn't let anything happen but I don't care for how he is with the girls. Which she wasn't impressed about, understandably.

He's mean. He sneaks up behind my girl and scares her. He walks past her and just shoves her. It's more than just teasing. It's hard to put my finger on but it doesn't sit well with me. But it's not so terrible that I don't let her stay over there when he's around. My mom keeps him at bay when she's there. I'm just not sure I trust him.

Further, if I told my sister that I would take her girls, I wouldn't then leave them with my husband.

Am I overreacting? Anyone else have to have this conversation with family?