Vent: I get it. Making decisions is hard, I change my mind and return stuff I bought all the time.

What I'm having a problem with is my husband's family's indecisiveness and resistance to any plans. They expressed an interest in not eating out as much when they come to visit, so I drew up some meal ideas, sat down with SIL, scheduled the first half of the vacation's meals and she even did all the grocery shopping! We made sure that there was something to eat for my toddler (who has allergies) at every meal.. I was really excited.

But that plan sputters out after two days when they decide to order pizza (that my toddler can't have) and take an hour to decide they're really ordering it and to get it ordered.

We decided on checking out the sights tonight, but I can't get a decision on taking the train or driving in. Or if we're eating there or here.

I don't want to be dictatorial, but I'm struggling with their desires to do things as a family and then not wanting to make plans or follow through on them. If someone doesn't take charge and make a decision, they never leave the house and meals are either late or takeout (and late). And it seems like every time I try to be the point woman, they change their minds at the last second and I feel like chopped liver.

What's the best approach I can take?

Oh, and they just texted me that they're "currently ambivalent" about even going out tonight.