Talk to me about Sleepovers for boys!

DS just turned 7. I know that a few people have started sleepovers for their children since 5-6. We have had some bedwetting issues so I always said we'll start when that issue is curbed. We have finally made some major progress (!!!) and I would definitely love to think about how to start! Maybe we'll start thinking, and will properly begin to do it at 2nd grade. (we are in 1st)

What age is good for starting sleepover, and what do people do at sleepovers for boys, and what is the usual duration of a sleepover (7pm-10am...etc.)? Do we feed the friend dinner or do we ask them to eat dinner before they come? Do the parents have to arrange activities, or everyone go take a shower, watch a movie, and go to sleep afterwards (am i naive thinking that is enough lol)? Is it a pain to make sure everyone goes to sleep by a certain hour? Do we even need to understand what is bedtime for the other boy so I know what to expect? Any other etiquette?

And is it OK to invite DS' good friends from school that I barely know the parents (I'll make sure I met them before, but I wouldn't say we are friends)? Just wondering if people would tend to decline if it were really an acquaintance from school.

I have never ever EVER been on a sleepover when I was younger. My mom would never even allow me to stay over at a family friend/ relative's house without her presence! Or I bet if my school had any sort of sleepover camp (not in the wild but even in an established structure lol) I don't think she would have allowed it. (It is truly a miracle how she allowed me to study and live abroad) So this is completely new to me and would love any advice I can get.

Thank you in advance!