I would have trained DS earlier, but we had a baby and major life changes and it didn't work out. So we waited.

1 month ago we started potty training. He can now go pee and poop in the potty on demand. He does best when he's naked. We have to remind him if he's wearing anything. He won't do it on his own.

This morning he woke up dry and peed without complaint. Then when I tried to put his pull up on, he absolutely refused. Cried, wailed, gnashing of teeth and all that jazz. He wanted a diaper. Even went and got one for me from his sister's room (unfortunately they wear the same size).

We try every weekend to make progress with potty training, but he refuses to use the potty at daycare and hates pull ups, which daycare requires if he still has accidents.

Bribing works selectively, he isn't jealous of his sister wearing his underwear or pull ups, doesn't care about being a 'big boy' or 'like dad' and the ultimate toy bribe for when he is potty trained doesn't seem to be working.

What the french toast am I supposed to do now?

ETA: he's a month away from 4.