I need some help ladies. My little guy is 5 months old, in size 2 diapers (within the last month), and a belly sleeper at night (for the record, I put him on his back, but he rolls over before I can even leave the room. He can roll both ways, so I'm ok with this). However, ever since he's been a belly sleeper, he leaks through his diaper every.single,night. The belly sleeping and the diaper size change happend pretty much at the same time, so I don't think it's a sizing issue. We usually use Pampers BabyDry which claim to be ok for up to 12 hours. He sleeps 11. We switched to LUVS, and that worked for like 2 nights then leakage happened again.
Any advice on how to help keep this from happening? Any diapers that we're not thinking of? Do I need to go up to a size 3 for overnight?