For Mavi I opted to go disposable. Maybe it seemed easier for me, maybe it's because Cloth isn't something "popular" where I live, or maybe it was because I wanted to go with something I knew because having a baby was all unknown to me.

I know there are some great cloth options out there, and that many people have blogged about it... but when it comes time for baby deux, I'm seriously considering it. Plus, I just found out that my city they give back 150$ when I buy a certain amount of cloth diapers.

I don't think I would go all out with washable inserts. But the idea of having disposable inserts seem very interesting to me. Are there specific brands you suggest (for those who have done it) Do you have specific posts that are must read about the topic?

I would love to start getting educated on the subject, and in the end I know we will save a TON of money. Thanks!