My 27-month-old is a very heavy wetter at night. He's also a pretty big kid-90% for height, 78% for weight, so we're in size 6s during the day and running out of diaper sizes! When he was younger putting him in a nighttime diaper one size up was perfect, but there are no size 7 overnight diapers. No matter what I do, he wakes up wet . I've tried double diapering, putting a pull-up over a nighttime diaper, putting a size 7 diaper over his size 6 nighttime diaper, etc. He's a tummy sleeper and, although his diaper is pretty full in the morning, the bigger issue (I think) is the position he sleeps in. I know I can cut out liquids (but I don't want to-I want him to drink when he wants to drink), but again, I think the bigger issue is his sleep position than too much liquid. Does anyone have any experience with this? If so, what worked? I feel awful that my little guy is wet, and I also would love to not have to do laundry every day! Thanks.