Soapy Baths = Frequent Urges to Potty?

My 2 year old son has recently been potty-trained – he is doing pretty good except there are a few occasions where he has the urge to go potty every 5-10 minutes for an hour or so. Sometimes he’ll get a little out, sometimes nothing. I thought maybe he was confusing the feelings of potty and a BM but just isn’t patient enough to wait out a BM (sometimes they follow these spells, sometimes they don’t). Anyway – when I dropped him off at the sitter today he was doing this same thing – she mentioned that this happens with boys and girls if they sit too long in soapy water…? I couldn’t find any solid internet research to back this up – and I’ve never heard of it before – so curious if anyone else has heard of this before. We do use bubble bath most nights…so who knows.

Sorry for the novel.