I run social media accounts for an early childhood education center and also my church. The early childhood education center makes parents sign a social media/marketing release for photos but we haven't put any faces of the children on Facebook or the website. There are shots with the children's back of head or hands/feet but no faces.

Right now, our church has just developed a new children's program (think Sunday school) targeted for newborns through age 11. One teacher has suggested that we use Instagram with a hashtag to help build buzz which is great but I know we have a few parents in our program who are anti-social media in general. I'm afraid it's more trouble to bring it up than it's probably worth.

I wanted to see what your thoughts were. Do you mind if your churches/schools/daycares use pictures of your LO with permission or would your prefer they didn't?

I have no bias yet but it's been on my mind during this pregnancy what we'll want for our LO.