DD is due in late October, and I’ll be home by myself with her and DS (age 2.5) for 3-4 months - which I understand is a huge privilege, and I am really grateful to have this bonding time. But I am getting really nervous about my mental health given that we'll likely be pretty isolated due to coronavirus. I had pretty severe postpartum anxiety/PPD with DS, and the only thing that seemed to help was getting out of the house. I met with a moms group once a week that was really my lifeline, and did a lot of "baby and me" classes, etc. - none of which will be an option this time. I'm also worried because my leave will be during the winter months (I was off during the summer with DS), which further limits our options for getting out.

I do plan to sign up for a virtual moms group, but I know it won't be quite the same. I'm hoping we can get out for walks (weather permitting, and once I recover from my c-section) but otherwise, I am having trouble thinking of how we'll spend the day, and how I'll keep my mental health on track (other than continuing therapy and meds).

Any suggestions for a socially-distanced maternity leave / ways of warding off PPD/PPA? And/or general suggestions for maternity leave in the winter?