Help! I'm really frustrated by the state of my access to and selection of maternity wear this pregnancy. I started larger than I was when pregnant last time, so the smaller clothes that I saved don't fit me now. I really don't understand what's going on, but the stores that used to exist/carry maternity wear near me keep closing or removing their maternity sections:

- Old Navy, bye, maternity
- Gap, bye, maternity
- A Pea in the Pod, store gone (and too expensive anyway)
- Kohl's, store gone (and no other local Kohl's have a maternity section)

All that remains locally:

- Motherhood (some items are ok -- Jessica Simpson's designs aren't my thing)
- Motherhood and a couple pieces from A Pea in the Pod inside Macy's
- 1 rack of maternity basics (think black, white, grey T-shirts, tanks, etc.) at H&M
- A different Old Navy with a tiny disorganized maternity section
- ETA: Target. They seem to just have basics or a couple flowy tops.

I spent a long time looking at Asos Maternity, Pink Blush Maternity, and Zulily online, but didn't see anything I like enough to want to press my luck with sizes, shipping and returns (and in Zulily's case, no returns/refunds)

I'm looking for some professional and casual tops -- ideally fitted and not very flowy. I'm only 5'2" and flowy maternity tops make me feel dumpy. I'd really like something other than black, white, grey, navy, or horizontal stripes. Preferably short sleeves or tank tops.

If you've read this far, thanks! Any other ideas I haven't tried yet?

ETA: I'm determined to take more fashion risks and look cuter this pregnancy since it's my last.