I saw a mom at the park the other day wearing the GORGEOUS Solly Baby Wrap that is a collaboration with Rifle Paper Co. and absolutely fell in love with it based solely on aesthetics. After she let me touch it and told me a bit more about it, I think it could be an awesome option for wearing DD3, who is expected to be very small (so we won't be using the Ergo or Bjorn for quite awhile) - I'm hoping to wear her a lot so I can resume normal activities with my older girls sooner.

My issue is... I had a Moby for DD2 - she and I both hated it (way too heavy, not stretchy, and just WAY too much fabric for this 5'4", 115 lb mama. I felt like I could make an evening gown out of the thing). I have also purchased a K'Tan, but of course haven't had the chance to try it out with a real baby.

For anyone who has a Solly wrap - do you love it? And if you do, do you just love unstructured carriers in general, or is this one really special because of it's stretchiness, light weight, shorter length, etc.?

Also - do they ever go on sale?!