What are your favorite sources for bedding for your LOs- not necessarily just for kids, but fun cute things.

I’m preparing for the day when my 3 year old refuses to sleep in her crib. We already have a twin bed in her room (hand me down with the house). The bed is a creamy white, walls are a light soft purple. Her favorite color is purple and she (and I) likes rainbows.

I’ve looked at target, PBK, company store, land of nod (well, crate and kids or whatever it’s called), and bed bath and beyond- all online of course. Wondering about any good sources I’m missing. For a 3 year olds bedding I’m definitely looking more for target prices than PBK!

So far this is my favorite. Her room was purple white and gray, but when I tried a gray duvet it looked really blah and washed out. I also really like the Kayla duvet at PBK but it’s too expensive and I think too much white since her bed is slightly creamy white.