It is also called Recurrent Croup.
It is characterized by sudden onset and quick recovery. It has happened twice now: baby girl wakes up suddenly in the midst full blown respiratory distress- wheezing, barky cough, poor color. Both times we took her to the emergency room and she was put on oxygen, given steroids and a breathing treatment. She needed epinephrine the second time to get her oxygen levels up. It is SO scary. The second time just happened a couple weeks ago and we just got the possible diagnosis. I am doing research and seeing posts about kids who go the ER 100+times a year and even get trached multiple times to save their lives But until now I have never heard of it.

anyone else ever heard of it?

Unlike regular croup which is viral, this is correlated to possible allergies, asthma and reflux. Basically the upper respiratory track is hyper responding to some irritant. Some kids end up with a diagnosis of one of those things and some kids never get a definitive diagnosis.