So as we're talking about those who compare their pets to your baby, it reminded me of something that I've been thinking (over-thinking?) about:

How do you feel about introducing newborns to pets? What about others' pets?

We have three cats, all of which are indoor only, have all their shots, are not aggressive in any way, etc. I'm concerned but not overly concerned about them being around the baby.

But I am concerned about bringing baby to visit other folks who have pets. My parents have 6 (6!!) cats and half of them don't have their shots, even though they are strictly indoor cats. (And that's a LOT of cats). I also have a friend with 9 month old, and almost 90lb, lab that loves to jump and bite things out of your arms. Last time I was there he jumped all over me trying to bite a flashlight I was holding in my hands.

I'm a little nervous about bringing the baby to visit

I could be crazy wary of just about anything these days - shoot, I'm waiting for my induction date today and as a FTM, I have no clue what to expect and am scared about everything, lol.

What do you think?