At the top of our stairs is about 3 feet of wood balusters that are the perfect width for small children to sneak through. I’m fine with my 4 year old squeezing through between the first two to sneak downstairs when the gate at the top of the stairs is closed, but my almost 2 year old has just started doing it and it terrifies me. Sometimes she tries going through the third or fourth space which means she can’t reach the step below her. She’s not going to stop trying, so I’m looking for a solution. Are there any netting options or something similar out there I could cover the balusters with? We can’t push something against it because then the kids will climb up and try to jump off (we learned that when we first moved in). I suppose I could leave the gate open, but I’m not quite comfortable with the 2 year old going up and down the stairs unsupervised and I need to be able to trap her upstairs if I’m showering.