So my LO can't ever do anything the easy way! She hasn't really hit any of her milestones the "normal" way and standing is turning out to be no different.

Rather than pulling up on things, she just stands up from the floor. She gets up on hands/feet and then just stands up. Except this is sort of a horrible way to learn how to stand because she doesn't have time to practice balancing-- so she only stays up a few seconds before falling over. And she does this like.... 10,000 times per day lol. If I put her standing next to furniture she will put her hands on it for like, 2 seconds and then she lets go and tries to balance on her own then falls down. And she hates when you hold her arms/hands so I can't really help her. I feel like this kid works hard, not smart

Anyone else's baby try to learn to stand and walk without ever really pulling up on stuff or cruising? Can they even do that?? lol

Little miss I-can-do-it-on-my-own-MOM. (girl's got attitude)