Quick background: After trying for almost a year, I found out that I was pregnant in September. It was ectopic. I had an injection of Methotrexate & my body ended up absorbing the pregnancy (I never "passed" anything). We've been going to a fertility clinic & finally have to go-ahead to try again this cycle.

I should also add that I was diagnosed with "unexplained infertiity" right before I found out about the ectopic. Everything looks to be fine with Mr. Q, too. It has been very frustrating knowing that I have my period and ovulate right on track each month & couldn't get pregnant. My doc recommended putting on a few pounds, which I've done & everyone (regular ob, RE) thinks it has helped. Plus, my booty looks so much better in jeans now - woo!

So, after bloodwork & and ultrasound today, we are ready to get started. I start 50 mg Clomid tomorrow & will take it for 5 days (cycle days 5 - 9). Next Tuesday I go in for a water ultrasound to make sure that everything is prepped and ready to go for IUI the following week. I am all whacked out right now thinking about everything! Clomid will make me feel even more cray-cray, right? I just want to be prepared...

I think the IUI will happen in appx. 10 days or so - I am very nervous!

Anyway, that's our story p.s. This is Mrs. Quiche from Weddingbee.