I'm sure this has been discussed before, but I am starting to reasonably consider starting preparations for becoming a SAHM.

I'm specifically interested if your income puts you "on the fence" so to speak, where you could feasibly work or stay home for about the same overall financial strain.

Basically I could keep working, and have a tiny bit leftover (like maybe $100) every month after childcare expenses, or quit working which would obviously eliminate some costs associated with working (unplanned lunches out, expensive work clothes, etc.).

I don't get any benefits at my job besides health insurance, which started just recently. No other benefits offered. I'm loving my job less and less as time goes on for a variety of reasons. The pay is not great. There's no where in my small company to move up.

However, being a SAHM isn't all sunshine and roses (even if I've built it up in my head to be that way). There are no days off, its not very intellectually stimulating, etc.

We still have a lot of time until the baby gets here, but I would rather make the decision early, and start getting our finances in better shape (like living off of only DH's income, extremely aggressively pay down any remaining debt, etc.)

But ultimately I don't think I can make a final decision until I know what it is like to be home with a baby all day. So I'm kind of stuck.

If you could feasibly choose either option, how/why did you decide to become a stay at home mom? What made you decide to do that? Or, if you elected to keep working, why did you choose that?