I’m not sure how to get into everything without making this long but I’ll try to keep it as short as possible.

Basically, I could have written this post any day over the past three years about my sons behaviour. He’s getting worse.

He is good at school. Anxious at times but very well behaved, occasionally is “silly” with some of his friends but he’s very sweet there and seems to be doing well.

At home he’s... terrible? Mean? I’m not sure. He is completely miserable. Constantly hitting and punching his siblings (dd is 3.5 and ds2 is 1.5). Screams at us constantly that he hates us.

Today he punched my daughter so hard in the back because she was playing with a toy he wanted. I sent him to his room. On the way he screamed that he hates me, I am the worst mom, and that he never even wanted me as his mom.

This sort of things happens every day, multiple times. He is prone to these ridiculous outbursts. I do not enjoy taking him places because we live in a small gossiping town and it’s mortifying the way he acts sometimes.

If I am alone with him (no siblings around) he’s a completely different, nice, polite kid. But he wAkes up almost every day wanting to push buttons and it starts again the second I get him from school.

I try to ignore the behaviours, have limits, threats, bribes.. nothing is working. I am miserable and sitting on my kitchen flooring crying while I eat a cookie.

To complicate matters my husband leaves early in the morning for work and it isn’t uncommon for him to get home around 7pm.

Any advice would be appreciated. I feel like we need a parenting resent. My daughter is the sweetest little thing and so helpful and nice so I feel like I’m doing something right. But clearly things have gone off the walls with my son and it’s killing me.

ETA: re sleep and food, he eats well and he sleeps from approx 730pm-630am