I need style help for family beach photos! DDs are 2, 4, and 6. Options include:

A) big girls in rainbow stripe dresses, baby in pink subsist or white eyelet dress

B) little girls in white eyelet dresses, big sis in either solid pink or chambray dress

C) all three girls in pink HA swish dresses, or each girl in a different color of that same dress.

D) pastel jean shorts and white embroidered tops for big girls; ??? For baby

I’ve also got other sunsuit options for the baby, including chambray, so if you don’t like what you see, I’m not limited to these options! I don’t have much time to make new purchases, though (one week).

DH will wear khakis/khaki shorts and I white top, I’m plNning on white skinny ankle jeans and a top wow irk with whatever the girls wear (or I could do a white skirt, but didn’t want to risk it blowing).

Thanks for any ideas! I’m usually ok at this, but am trying to minimize what I pack since this will be happening on vacation!!