I just had to say thank you to those of you who stopped by and gave me advice and encouragement with sleep training my 8 month old.

It's been 1 week and as of last night, she slept 10 hours straight in her crib without needing to be comforted. Her cat naps of 15 minutes are gone, and she can now nap an hour and a half or longer! No longer are we cosleeping or relying on carriers for naps. It's amazing.

I always thought my kids were just "special" in terms of sleep habits and not being very good sleepers, but I see a whole new light now! I didn't think sleep training was very gentle or a good/necessary thing, but boy was I wrong. I'm now going to be a big advocate of sleep training and help encourage other mothers, just as y'all have.

Much love, mommas. 💜