Has anyone's LO been "diagnosed" with a sensitive gag reflex? When I google it seems fairly common, but my Ped who's been in practice for 30yrs. Doesn't seem co corned about it. Here's the backstory, DS is now 14.5 months and is just now being able to handle non puréed foods. He's literally been on stage 2 food for the past 7months. Anytime I would give him anything with the slightest bit of texture he would gag repeatedly and occasional throw up. Finally about 2 weeks ago his gagging started to lessen significantly, and since then we've been introducing more and more texture. The problem now is that he knows that he has to work at eating textured food, instead of just instantly swallowing it, and so he throws a fit and refuses to eat untill I cave and give him the purée he prefers. I've held out before and it was 3pm before he ate anything that entire day. He screamed and cried because he was obviously hungry but would not open his mouth for anything, until he saw the container that he knows the food he likes is in. Obviously I've already screwed up by caving, but baby screaming makes me crazy! Literally like I want to peel my skin off, takes me back to his newborn days where he screamed 12 hours a day. I'm at a total loss here, and nobody I know has dealt with this so I have nobody to get advice from. Please help!