LO is turning 1yo next week. He is still breastfed, nursing twice a day at home (wakeup and bedtime), and taking three 4-5 oz pumped bottles a day at daycare for 12-15oz total (nursing 5x a day on weekends). Obviously he has been eating more and more solid foods as we get closer to the one year mark!

Today at work I was only able to pump 9 oz. I went quite a bit longer on each pumping than usual because there just wasn't the amount I was used to, but no amount of compressions or time was going to get me any more milk. I used to have MORE milk after a long weekend, not less! LO was intolerant of dairy in my diet, so I was really hoping to keep up breastmilk past one year. He also has surgery for a congenital issue scheduled for mid-August, and I very much want to be able to comfort nurse.

I guess I'm just wondering if this has happened to anyone else? Should I just take this to mean that I have been sending in larger bottles than he needs, and send in just what I pump? Unfortunately my freezer stash is very low because of a few business trips, so supplementing from the freezer will only solve the problem for a few days.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!