My LO is 5.5 months old and hasn't yet rolled over, so we are still swaddling her for all sleep. I am wondering what approach to take with our next steps.

There are a few things going on - #1 is the swaddle weaning. We have been using a miracle blanket style swaddle since she was tiny. We have two Woombie style swaddle pods that we used with our older daughter but hadn't had success (or really we gave up trying) with this LO. Two nights we've gone in for night wakings and she's had one or both arms free. She's *so* close to rolling over, that I think DH and I have been kind of waiting for her to do that so we're forced to transition. Right now, we are not sure if we should try to transition slowly by swaddling with one arm out, trying the woombie again, or go straight to the sleep sack. I don't want to draw it out longer than needed but I also want to try and preserve at least some of the great sleep we have.

At the same time, she is potentially ready to night wean. Right now I only nurse her on one side for her MOTN wakeup (around 3AM) after a diaper change and re-swaddle to help her settle faster. She has gone a handful of nights not waking until 5AM or so, so I know she *can* be night weaned but I don't know if it's too early for that. My supply is super low (we've supplemented from about 7 weeks) and I feel like once I night wean I may end up losing more supply and will likely stop pumping/nursing altogether.

AND we are thinking that if we're going to shake up sleep, we may want to do some sleep training. We waited until much later with our first, mostly because we didn't really know what to do. Once we sleep trained it was amazing. But with an older baby she could put her own paci back in, etc. whereas this LO is just shy of being able to do that.

What approach would you take here?