Just writing up our experience since I hadn't heard of it before. Have you tried it?

Our pools have been closed all season and it's been irking me that we walk past our ready to open neighborhood pool daily. Usually during the summer I'm wishing for more hours at home so we can make use of the pool. Now we're always around but it's closed (which I support from a pandemic standpoint).

A few weeks ago decided I would drop some money to get in a pool. My original plan was to get a vacation rental but somehow I came across Swimply. It's essentially an Air BNB for pools. You can rent someone's backyard pool on an hourly basis. It's a little weird because it's almost guaranteed that the people are home and probably watching you but desperate times call for desperate measures. The first weekend spot I could find in our area was for tonight (about 2 weeks out). I paid $60/hour for two hours. We were allowed up to 10 people but we don't have a pod so we went as a foursome. We also used it as a celebration for the kids filling their good deed pom pom jar.

The Covid risk seemed pretty low. Outdoor swimming is supposed to be very low risk. The owner greeted us masked, as were we. There was a bathroom available to us just off the house which was probably the highest risk part of it. The bathrooms and other amenities we're detailed on the pool description. This pool also offered a hot tub, grill and trampoline. That was good because I managed to pick a chilly evening in the middle of July. Although the pool was heated the kids started shivering after about 45 minutes of swimming.

I'm glad I chose 2 hours instead of one. It took about 10 minutes for the host to show us around and for everyone to use the bathroom (as requested before entering the pool). And it took us about 15 minutes to get out, dry off and change with a few moments reserved for fits.

Overall it was a nice treat. I don't think we would do it again until we could go with at least one other family to increase the value.