Our newly 5-year-old LOVES to listen to audiobooks. Since last summer, she has been doing so through Audible and Libby on an old cell phone of mine, but that phone is starting to be hard to charge. DH and I have been discussing what the best next option for her is. At the moment, we are not interested in introducing her to interactive apps or games - we only need a device for audiobooks and watching videos while we do her hair (likely Disney+ and PBS Kids). However, we are mindful that she will be in kindergarten next year, and may use certain educational apps for school, so it seems to make sense to to select something that will be able to accommodate that when the time comes.

What do your children use for media at this age? My first instinct is to get one of the Kindle Fires for kids, as that should be easily compatible with Audible, but I have never owned a tablet, so I am coming into this fresh. Can anyone recommend for or against the Kindle Fire? Other comparable options?