I would like to hear some opinions from other mom's on taking a 4.5 month old to a country music concert. We received tickets as a gift from my mom (who is also attending along with brother and SIL) to a concert coming up. DH and I are not big fans of leaving baby with someone as she is BF and doesn't always take bottles well. Baby also has difficulty going to sleep at night time and likes to nurse to sleep. The concert is in another city so leaving baby with MIL is also not an option as it would be overnight.

We are considering taking baby with us to the concert. We bought infant noise cancelling headphones and also got a hotel room nearby. I'd like some opinions on taking the baby to the concert, if anyone has done this or not? I am also considering just staying in the hotel with the baby and not going at all, but I think that will be disappointing to my mom who wants all of us to go together. Help!