We are about to book a trip to Maui for late July, probably an Air BnB in Kihei area. I'm looking at 1-BR places where a crib will be available, though we'll probably have to rent one. The goal is a relaxing vacation where we can lie on the beach and roll with LO's schedule, drinking pina coladas when we're not changing diapers, and see some great sunsets.

What is a good approach for hanging out with LO on the beach? She will be almost 4 months old. I plan to carry her in a Moby or mei tai to/from the condo but not sure what to put her in on the beach. We own a Pea Pod but I think those are for older babies. Any advice?

I'd love any other random advice as well, whether about checking car seats/strollers, renting cars versus trying to book a taxi with a car seat (Kihei seems pretty walkable so I'm tempted to see if we can get away with not renting a car, but that would involve figuring out a way to get to/from airport with LO properly secured), whether to bring a PnP or what, etc. Thanks.