Disastrous trip to the dentist today, my 7 year old has six cavities and one of them is so bad he needs to have that tooth pulled. I feel like the worst parent in the world. But talk to me about having a tooth pulled - I had assumed they’d numb it, but I talked to a friend whose son had one pulled and they used nitrous. I asked the practice and she said generally that doctor would just numb with kids but if I had a preference they’d do that. My son is already pretty scared about it and I think he’d probably do better with gas, I personally hate the numbing stuff and I think the idea of a needle in his mouth would send him over the edge, but does anybody have experiences either way? The dentist is an older man who’s pretty old school and I imagine that he does numbing because that’s what he’s always done but I want to be sure I’m standing up for my kid and not creating a terror of dentists.