Or in general from swaddling.

We rented a Snoo for DS who is almost 4 months old. We used it from day 1 and he's responded to it really well. He sleeps in it fantastically at night - usually sleeps 4-6 hours, wakes up once to nurse, then sleeps another several hours. He doesn't sleep in it as well during the day, but that's probably because we don't put him down as consistently and have as much of a routine as we do at night.

Lately I've wondered about transitioning away from the Snoo but I'm scared! When I do as they suggest and leave his arms out of the swaddle, he startles awake really easily. When he fusses, he doesn't soothe himself back to sleep yet, a pacifier works sometimes, but the rocking and white noise of the snoo is the only thing that really works.

What was your experience and how long did the transition work for you?

Any suggestions for swaddles for older/bigger babies welcome too!