Quick question, I emailed a parent from my son's class about contributing to the basketball tickets, since I hadn't got around to any other contribution or participation. I am shocked, call me cheap, but she got 2 tickets for $350 each for the two main teachers. My question is how much can I contribute without seeming stingy... I was thinking $50 total, but thats such a tiny percentage is that ridiculous? I guess I could stretch to $100 total. I just already pay so much for this school, and he only goes 9h/week, I would rather give them a heartfelt card and maybe a token gift. I do appreciate them but 700 is crazy!!! This is addition to other daily gifts, ranging from amazon gift card, treats, etc.

I was about to email her saying I am gonna give them something on my own, and she had already emailed me saying she hadn't heard from me and didnt want us to feel left out and had to drop them off today so she already signed our name, no pressure to donate. So nice, but of course I feel the need to donate!