I am certified to teach grades K-12, though my sweet spot is 4th-8th (currently teach 8th). My husband is certified 7-12, and he currently wants to be high school forever. We teach in different districts, so slightly different master schedules. There is a somewhat significant pay & benefits difference, with mine being better but he enjoys his job more.

I VERY much want to teach at my kids' school for all the obvious advantages: logistics of pick-up/drop-off, master schedule alignment, being involved with the teachers and the school community, etc.

However, this would involve quitting my school bc there's no way I'm sending him here; and most likely quitting my district. I have differing emotions about this. I've also got at least 3 years before this is an issue, but if I am TTC, pregnant, or on mat leave, I can't leave my district due to $$.

DH has implied that I will quit my job to go work at ****** school, because he thinks LO1 & LO2 will go there. I'm open to it, but it would mean a pay cut and benefits cut, and *maybe* an increased workload (but "easier" district).

AZ has open enrollment and they can go anywhere.

Anyway.... Teacher bees: Do your kids attend your school? Will they? Thought process? Rationale? Ups, downs?