We’ve been pushing manners, primarily saying please/thank you and saying hello/goodbye since day one with my 4 year old daughter. I expected that she would need reminding for please and thank yous occasionally and since she’s somewhat shy, that she’d need prompting with hellos/introductions and goodbyes. However, I also expected this to improve steadily if we were consistent in our prompting. This has not been the case, and it’s driving me crazy. She fails to say please/thank you without prompting probably 75% of the time and she’s still awful at being proactive in hellos or goodbyes especially when we’re somewhere new. Our two year old is even better with these manners on a consistent basis. Any suggestions on how to finally get these manners to stick? We keep trying to emphasize how this shows kindness and makes others feel good and acknowledged but she seems incapable of having a serious conversation about the importance of these manners (she starts to goof around). Thanks!