While DH and I are still pursuing treatment and attempting to conceive a biological child, I have thought for a while that we would likely "have one, adopt one" (for age reasons, a sense that we could be good adoptive parents, an "ache" that comes from thinking of children growing up without consistent caregivers/"a family" ).

That said, neither one of us has much experience with adoption, personally. DH had a high school friend who was adopted internationally; I have had casual conversations with people (adopted/birth mothers/women considering adoption to grow their family) and done quite a bit of reading since we began thinking about having kids; and both of us have had some contact with adoptive families and their children through work...but that's still pretty meager overall.

Would you mind telling me about your experience-- whether you were or have adopted? Or if you strongly considered or are in the process of adopting? Was your adoption international, domestic, foster care, embryo? What snags, if any, have come up along the way? What has been particularly good about your experience?

Thanks in advance for your thoughtfulness!