Short story.
The 18 month sleep regression is still killing us. She's fighting bedtime every single night with major tears and tantrums. She's still on 2 naps but I can't figure out how to drop it to 1 nap because she wakes up so early.

Please share your toddler's sleep schedule and bonus - how you transitioned to 1 nap.
Long story
Dd is 19 months and we have been fighting the 18 month sleep regression for the last few weeks in addition to back to back colds, fever viruses, and an ear infection. For the most part she almost healthy now with a slight runny nose. However sleep is still a huge headache.

Bedtime has always been ~7:00 and she wakes anywhere between 5:00-6:00. She is truly an early riser 6:45 has been her latest wake up time ever and that's only happened a few times no matter how late we put her to bed.

She normally starts her morning nap around 8:30 or 9 and sleeps anywhere until 10 or sometimes almost 11. Her afternoon nap starts around 1:30 to 2:30 and sleeps until 3 or 4. I know 4 is late and I always wake her by 4 but usually I let her wake by herself rather than dealing w a major meltdown when i go to wake her up.

I'm thinking I need to drop her to 1 nap but my issue is how. I feel like skipping then morning nap will be difficult for her because she wakes up sooo early and the awake time will be too long between morning wake up and the start of her nap.