Yesterday MIL informed me that she was trying to get DH's brother to come up (he lives 1.5 hours away) on the day of my c section. I immediately vetoed it because I'm having SURGERY and I'm going to be dealing with all the hospital issues and a newborn, and I don't want extra people around. After I said that she said it made sense, but seemed hurt that I didn't like her idea. So, this morning I texted BIL's gf (I'll call her FSIL), and she said she was thinking the same thing, so they're planning on coming up the following weekend...after I'm home. I like FSIL, lol.

But, now I feel like I have to spell out to MIL (I'll probably say with my mom there, to make it look like I'm telling both of them...even though my mom knows better) that the hospital visitors are going to be limited to my parents, DH's parents, and any of MY friends I close to allow. I think MIL is going to think it's ok to bring HER bffs to the hospital to show off the baby, and it would seem like common sense would tell her not to bring them, but I just feel like it has to be spelled out to her.

I'm even dreading the parade of people that will be coming over to my house once we're home. Any tips for keeping it under control? I'll be recovering from a c section and establishing nursing, so tips on those points will be good, too.