DS is 9 months today! (8 adjusted) and I just need you ladies to make me feel better, or tell me if my worry is founded. DS loves to babble, no mama or dada, but he throws his hands around, makes serious faces and tells me alllll about it allll day long lol. No crawling, no pulling hisself up. Honestly he's totally content to lay on his back and play with his toes. He can sit up, but I have no idea for how long because he hates sitting up. As soon as you sit him up he instantly starts trying to throw himself down so he can lay down and play with his toes. Even when someone is holding him he doesn't want to sit, he wants you to stand him up on your lap. I know that babies move at their own pace and the crawling and walking doesn't really bother me, what does is that he doesn't even attempt to maneuver himself into a sitting position. I've layed a million toys all around him, and he may play with them for 5 seconds, but he really doesn't seem interested in toys. He doesn't even attempt to hold his bottles. He just over the last 2 weeks started getting coordinated with his hands. I'm making an apt today for his 9 month check up. I just want to prepare myself if the ped is going to tell me he needs help. I just want HB opinions on this! if you read this far bless you!!