Hello Everyone,
I'm new here but have been lurking around since Hellobee began.
I'm lucky enough to have an awesome LO, but miscarried around his second birthday. We were thrilled to have another but it wasn't meant to be.
We decided to continue to try until his fourth birthday. I really had resigned myself to having an only child, I'm ok with the idea and we really are so lucky to have a wonderful child.
I've been feeling odd these past few days and after a year of trying I thought "I couldn't be pregnant.. could I?"
And then there it was… that faint blue plus sign.
I'm thrilled, terrified, and in a little bit of denial. It's just a false positive or the test was wrong?
Curious to see how the bees out there dealt with their initial pregnancy after a loss. Did you think it wasn't going to happen again?