Our BF journey has had its fair share of ups and downs. We started off well once we got over the beginning issues, hit a low point when i went back to work, started supplementing around 5 months. She did great when we introduced solids and still nurses in the morning and before bed and I pump 3 times at work.

We're about 2 weeks from LO turning 1! and with our Peds "Ok" we started the WCM transition last week. My supply has been lessening for a while now and in 3 pumps i'm only netting about 6 oz (one 4oz bottle and 2 oz to mix with cereal) a day. she also gets a 4oz bottle of formula and 4oz 1/2 formula 1/2 WCM which we'll be increasing slowly. So far no issue tolerating the cow's milk.

So my questions....
1. If my supply is tanking, is she getting enough before bed an in the am? the last 2 mornings she hasnt seemed satisfied until she nurses twice on both sides

2. She drinks out of a sippy cup filled with water, should we also be making the switch from bottle to sippy for milk? If yes, recommendations

3. I'm trying out dropping pumps at work and only pumping at 11 & 3. Will i dry up completely? its really taking a toll on my day as we're entering our busy season but i'd like to continue nursing at night and in the am

I just want to be sure she's getting enough to eat nutritionally. She enjoys a wide variety of foods but definitely "eats to live" rather than "lives to eat" We don't go back to the Dr until mid Oct for her 1 yr appt.

Any other suggestions or bits of advice on making this transitions is appreciated!