How it ends is when you get a surprise BFP

I am an old user under a new name, and in almost every thread about whether to have another, we were pretty firmly on team two & through. But leaving the door open to explore foster/adoption in the future and I felt pretty good about that!

We did not take any permanent measures for birth control, whatever we've been doing worked fine for the last year. Obviously, knowing we didn't take more "fail safe" measures meant that we understood if a surprise ever came along. And boy (or girl, haha) it did!

And to honestly share my feelings, I was freaking the heck out. I had really settled down into life with 2 (4.5 and 2.5), and finally starting to plan travels, future, etc. I realize that in wanting another baby, I really was just in love with the IDEA of having another one. I think the IDEA of it is way too romantic. When it becomes real, this is all the stuff I started thinking about:

- My body. Yes, it is a blessing to carry a baby to term but I thought I was done with loaning my body out for 9 months, with gaining weight, with labor/delivery, etc. I had GD twice so I might as well just started dieting now!

- All my hopes and dreams for the immediate future pretty much resets. Financial plans made a sharp turn as I now have to save up for another maternity leave, another long stretch of daycare, etc

I hope by sharing all the real feelings I have had about this (I found out like 2 nights ago?), that it helps others! Obviously we are thrilled and over the moon too and SO thankful for this surprise blessing. I am honestly not too worried currently about the day-to-day. We already have a van, we only have a 3 bedroom but 2 of them can always share a bedroom. #3 will just go to the same daycare. Probably more scheduling chaos but none of it a big deal. I don't even really worry about being outnumbered b/c I see many other families with 3 or more children and hey, they are all doing okay!