It's more than just a bee level... the Wonderful Pumpkin is Charlie's favorite book these days!

This is Mrs. Bee's favorite book from growing up. It's about these two bears who find a pumpkin seed in their food one day. They plant it and it turns into a giant pumpkin which becomes so big that it crushes their house. So they scoop all the guts out of the pumpkin and move in.

One day the pumpkin washes out to sea, and they become sea bears. Then it becomes cold, so they close the windows and fire up the stove. Do they die of carbon monoxide poisoning? No, the pumpkin starts to float like a giant balloon, and they become air bears!

Charlie really likes the book... I enjoy reading it to him because the book is out of print and I feel all cool for reading him a book that's off the beaten path. Plus, it's just a great adventure book.

Do you have any older books that you read your kids? Any special books from your past that you wish you could share with your kids?