I've been getting a TON of unsolicited advice/opinions on why baby Z is the way she is, doing what she does, what I'm doing wrong, etc....
Here are the top things that made me want to punch faces.

I took the baby from my MIL and she stopped crying, to which my MIL said about me, "more cushion".
(WTF!? this was a few days after I had the baby)

She also said my milk looks too thick.
(this is not even a possible thing)

I've also been told by others that the baby looks thirsty and I should give her water.

(via Skype) Baby looks hungry

Your baby looks hot, that's why she's crying

You're not producing good milk.
(I don't even know what that means)

Something must be wrong with my 3-week old, bc she's crying.
(How about she's crying, bc she is only 3-weeks old!?)

Anything bug the crap out of you?