We're going to have to upgrade to a larger car for when baby #3 arrives and I'm trying to figure out which configuration will work best. All three car seats will be in the middle row of the car we're going to get as minivans with seven full size seats aren't very common here. The standard option is to get an MPV with five full size seats and two jump seats in the back row that fold up and down as needed. The jump seats don't have isofix (latch) fittings and whilst I think they technically are ok for car seats secured with a seat belt, I'm not comfortable putting a car seat in them.

Anyway, so we'll have three car seats in a row and I'm trying to figure out what will be easiest! We'll have an infant seat with the base permanently in the car, a rearfacing convertible car seat for our then 2 yr old, and a forward facing convertible car seat for our then 4 yr old. All have isofix fittings, as do the three seats in the row, so that's not an issue. Which order would you put them in?

I was thinking of having my oldest in the middle, but then I'm a bit worried about her being forward facing in the middle seat as that seems a bit riskier if we were to be in a head on collision. Am I overthinking this? What do you do?