I brought home 2 3 week old puppies on Friday night, the youngest ones I've ever taken care of (they turned 3 weeks old yesterday). They were bit by a dog last Sunday and had open wounds. They had been living outside so they are dirty, weak, and dehydrated, especially the runt. I think the bigger one will make it because his injuries aren't as severe, and he is drinking puppy milk on his own from a bowl. He also walks around while the runt doesn't move much.

I thought the runt wasn't going to make it because he pretty much slept all day yesterday and didn't cry like he did almost all night the night before. I regularly fed him puppy milk through a syringe and he would swallow a little of it, but didn't move at all and didn't show any interest.

Then he took a big poop last night! And I slept with him inside my shirt skin-to-skin and he was much better this morning. I fed him a lot through a syringe and he actually wanted it! He still has a pretty severe injury though that must really hurt him.

Any tips on caring for such young pups? I am keeping them very warm and waking up all night to feed them. It's like having a newborn again!